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Greek Food Chariot Catering Company



  • Greek Sampler (Large or Small)


  • Pita Bar

  • Greek Feast Special

  • Ala Carte Protein Platters

Salads and Sides

  • Greek or Ceasar Salad

  • Orzo wild rice salad/ tabouli salad

  • Greek Seasoned Rice

  • Lemon Roasted Potatoes

  • Grilled Pitas

  • Sauces


  • Fresh Baked Baklava Butterscotch or Chocolate Baklava

  • Vegan Baklava

  • Baklava Cheesecake


  • Coke,diet coke,sprite or bottled water perrier 

  • Kombucha

  • Lemonade

Greek Specialties

  • Fresh baked spinach pie

  • Lamb Shank

Need to get a hold of us? Call: (818) 358-4802 or send an email to:

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